Karen Sorab Awards 2018

In the last week of term we held our third annual Karen Sorab Awards. The awards are given to an employee of BeyondAutism, and the two children or young people (one award per school) supported by BeyondAutism, who have shown the most effort and endurance over the preceding year. Parents and staff were given the chance to vote for the employee and student they felt deserved the award. The nominees were then discussed by a selection panel who made the final decision.

The Park House School award was given to a pupil who has shown a great deal of independence over the last year; from choosing his own daily activities, to picking up new skills and generalising them in different environments and increasing his manding to full sentences. He has been a great role model for his peers.

The Tram House School award went to a pupil for showing immense progress with his independence and self-help skills. He has grown into a confident young man and is always cheerful around his peers.

This year there were two joint staff award winners, German Cruz and Helen Robertson who received the awards for their constant dedication to their work and to the pupils.

Congratulations to all of our well-deserved winners on a fantastic year!