Sixth Form

We use the principles of ABA and VB (with 1:1 support) to teach our Sixth Form students functional communication and independence, while also providing vocational experiences and accredited qualifications. The Sixth Form is designed as a pathway enabling young adults aged 16-19 years to reach their next steps and gain independent skills within the community.

The curriculum

Students in the Sixth Form follow individualised programmes that respond to individual needs, while utilising the principals of ABA to deliver accredited qualifications. The Sixth Form offers young adults the opportunity to follow the ASDAN Personal Progress, which enables them to access the Personal, Social Development course at Entry Level. The Sixth Form English and maths curriculum focuses on functionality, and learning skills to apply in daily life. We offer Entry Level Certificates in English and maths.

Students in the Sixth Form have an opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities, which have included accessing the local gym, swimming, horse riding, skiing, cycling, tennis, football, dance, cricket, water sports, yoga and rollerblading. All these activities provide our students an opportunity to develop functional skills and independence, while adding evidence to build their ASDAN portfolios.

Vocational opportunities

Work experience is planned and provided for all students where appropriate. Vocational experiences in ‘real’ working environments provide students with opportunities to practise the skills they have developed within the school setting. All work experience placements include an ABA Tutor, and students continue to work towards their personal targets and programme. Recent work experiences include a gift and card shop, a café, office and charity shop.

In the community

Opportunities are given for students to engage in the community, while having positive experiences and building upon their functional skills and independence. We currently utilise our position in London by accessing a range of offsite destinations. These include the Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead, local restaurants and cafés, the library, swimming pool, and supermarkets.

College link programme

We provide a weekly link programme with a local college. The link programme provides students an opportunity to experience ‘college life’, while learning valuable life skills. Currently, students are working towards developing basic cookery skills, with an opportunity to access accredited qualifications where appropriate. Though the college link programme is in its early stages, we expect this to develop into an opportunity that can provide students with a ‘taste’ of different curriculum areas.