Case Studies

Opening up opportunities for the future

When Josue joined Tram House School in 2018, he had limited functional communication and used challenging behaviour to access things he wanted. He had difficulty tolerating changes in his environment such as people getting too close and found going out into the community demanding.

Once we better understood the reasons behind his challenging behaviour, we were able to put in place a token economy system where Josue receives tokens for engaging in appropriate behaviour such as tolerating others talking near him.

By introducing this programme, as well as teaching Josue to communicate more effectively using sentences for preferred items, he has been able to access more activities than he previously could. He happily engages in group activities with his peers and even participated in the school’s winter production, ‘Grease’. Josue has started a work experience placement at Holiday Inn where he helps with the café and laundry. Now in his last year at school, these changes will have far reaching consequences for Josue’s future giving him more choice and control.

Empowering a student to take control of their behaviour

Sincoln is a very independent pupil who thrives across all areas of the curriculum – from art and English through to cooking and the gym. This year a focus for him has been the establishment of a self-management behaviour programme.

Through the programme, which is being implemented at school and at home, Sincoln is learning different ways to behave in situations he doesn’t like or struggles to cope with. He uses a clicker to track behaviour as well as using sentences to ask questions during times he finds stressful. He logs all of this on a chart at the end of each day – allowing him a more creative way of visualising how he is making progress.

As his programme continues, more focus will be given to time spent out in the community to help him cope better with noises he doesn’t enjoy, such as sirens.