Tram House School confirmed as Outstanding by Ofsted

“Walking around the classrooms at Tram House School is a joy because every area seen, whether it be a classroom, the gym, the living skills area or outside, is abuzz with learning.”

We’re delighted to announce that following an Ofsted inspection earlier this month, Tram House School is Outstanding, a great achievement for its first ever inspection! This reflects the hard work and dedication that all of our staff and our wider school community put in and highlights our commitment to providing the best possible education for our pupils.

The inspection was a thorough review of every aspect of the school ranging from policies, to the senior leadership team, to the quality of teaching and pupil progress. We’re extremely happy with the outcome of the inspection and will continue to work hard to empower our pupils.

Below are a few quotes from the Ofsted report, or alternatively you can read the full report.

“They are uncompromising in their vision to empower pupils to lead full and productive lives as a result of outstanding education.”

“The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is exceptionally effective in ensuring pupils make outstanding progress, especially in relation to their personal development.”

“Bespoke provision is then tailored effectively, and enables pupils’ communication and social skills, self-confidence and behaviour to improve significantly over time. This, in turn, enables pupils to make strong academic progress.”