Tram House School Sports Day 2018

This Wednesday (18th July), Tram House School held Sports Day on Garratt Park. After the disappointment of rain last year, everyone was thrilled to see blue skies in the morning! The pupils took part in class groups and were contesting for the overall Tram House School Sports Day winners’ trophy and also the Most Sporting Class award.

There were several different events for the pupils to compete in, from hurdles, to boccia, to the long jump. These events were followed by a class tug of war competition and a staff vs parents match.

Congratulations to all pupils who competed valiantly and a special mention to Sixth Form 2 who claimed the winners’ trophy and to US3 who won the Most Sporting Class award!

A huge thanks to Octopus Investments who kindly supplied 16 volunteers to help run the events and help set up the day!