About Us

BeyondAutism Schools structure

BeyondAutism Schools run Park House School and Tram House School, Independent Special Schools for children and young people with autism. In line with a federation-type model the schools have separate registrations with the DfE but sit under a single elected BeyondAutism Schools Governing Body. The BeyondAutism Schools Senior Leadership Team operate across the two schools.

Each school has a Head of School – at Park House School the Head is Kieran Bird, at Tram House School the Head is Jon Ascot. Between them, and supported by the Senior Leadership Team, they are responsible for the teaching and learning in both schools, the achievement and progress of all pupils, the curriculum and the day to day running of the schools.

BeyondAutism Schools is a service run by the charity BeyondAutism.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At BeyondAutism Schools we celebrate our cultural diversity – many of our pupils come from homes where English is an additional language and all of our pupils have significant communication needs. Our children can communicate in a wide range of languages, including Arabic, Bengali, English, German, Punjabi, Portuguese, Spanish and Urdu. In school, pupils requiring additional language support work with a range of trained staff who are skilled in teaching the acquisition of language through a range of techniques and methodologies. At BeyondAutism we have a functional communication approach, which teaches pupils to communicate in many different ways. Our pupils are assessed to see what method of communication is the most beneficial to them and teaching procedures are then devised to enable our pupils to communicate in a range of ways.  

Please see our SEN Reports for more information on our teaching methodologies.

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